I'm Thao. And that's my significant others in the photo. People who know me will probably say this about me. I wear many hats. I never sleep. I am always on the go unless I am taking Benadryl. I am a guru at finding info on the interwebs. I love a great deal and will share with anyone who listens or reads my Facebook updates. See those frames in my picture? Those cost me less than $10. In this day and age and this economy, how can anyone not love a great deal?

The truth is, I am a full time mom to rambunctious twin boys, I work outside the home, I currently serve as the Vice President of Programs for a moms of multiples group and I am an agent for Lovable Labels. I am a toy picker-up-er, a "no, my toy" fight mediator, a Nemo and Toy Story expert, a laundromat, dishwasher and short order cook. I am thinking of starting a support group for people with daily deal site-itus. Which is ironic because I seem to be a pusher of the daily deals.

I have had several blogs in my past, some anonymous, some not so anonymous. I started this one to document our journey into parenthood. It was a long road, filled with many emotional and physical ups and downs but we are proud parents of two beautiful miracles. Whether it is the miracle of science or mother nature or both, I am so thankful for every thing that has led up to the present.