Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I need a 12 step program

11/19/08 - 20w7d

funny pictures of cats with captions

I fell off the diet wagon today. I thought I had been doing well this last week of watching my carbs. Then tonight, I was craving Vietnamese noodles and I caved. I feel awful about it. My OB appointment is in the morning and I'll see what the doctor has to say about it.

We will be visiting my family for Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to seeing my nephew. One coworker was telling me that my nephew will probably not have anything to do with me because I am carrying boys. Somehow, kids sense these things and boys apparently don't like other boys. I have never heard this before but I guess I will soon find out if this is the case. Maybe I should bribe him with a gift.


Floriae said...

whatever, I think Alex would like some boys to play with! He gets along with the boys at daycare, he had an incident the other day and it involved biting a girls finger so there ya go.

Thao said...

Yikes. A biter.