Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A twin by any other name

2/25/09 - 34w7d

Before I went into labor, I was writing a post about baby names and actually had a poll to get some opinions about the names we had in mind for the twins.

This was the hardest thing for Rod and I to talk about. We would come across names and bounce them off each other to see if we could agree. The problem was, I wanted real names and Rod wanted outlandish names. His ideas were more than just unique, they were downright Hollywood crazy. Laundry detergent like Tide' and Che'er. Those accents are there to give it a French feel. Then there was Thor and Loki. Oh, and I can't forget Winchester and Colt.

I even bought a baby name book so I could mark the ones we liked. I would read off the names that I liked and Rod would nix them. We could not agree. I thought the kids would be doomed to be called Thing 1 and Thing 2.

One night we were watching Supernatural, which is one of Rod's favorite shows. The two brothers on that show are named Sam and Dean. Jokingly, I said "What about naming the boys Sam and Dean." He said he liked those names. Of course I had no interest in naming my kids after demon hunters on a TV show. I mean what if they find out where their names came from and started decorating their room with crosses and garlic and holy water?

For the next few weeks after that conversation, Rod held on to Samuel and Dean. And it had to be both names or none at all. I was holding onto Noah and Wyatt. Finally, I said I would only consider Sam and Dean if he came up with some middle names so I could have time to let it roll around in my head. We even came up with a girl's name, Samantha Grace, for Baby B in case she was not a he.

We decided to wait until the birth to finalize the names in case their faces and personalities dictated a new name. For two days after the birth, we were still discussing it. I was really wrestling with this because whatever we picked, the boys would have to live with it forever. Or until they were old enough to get a court order to change it. Rod knew I was stressing and he said it was entirely up to me. It was then that I decided the names he came up with were perfect. So that's when Baby A and Baby B became Dean Christian and Samuel Elias.

Here are some links that I looked at to get some ideas.
Elvish names - Rhonda found this one but the names were too out there even though Lord of the Rings is what started it all.

Baby name ideas and inspiration

The big baby names survey: How parents name babies now

Quiz: What's your baby-naming personality? My baby naming personality is Classic. So you know that Thor Rodrickson did not come out of my brain.


Rhonda said...

Oh, but how cool would Thor Rodrickson have been? Pretty cool.

letti said...

david and i have decided on one name that both of us likes, and using a family name for the middle name ( still a secret at this point ), but it's such a "big" middle name that we're also probably going to tell him that if he can't live with it, he can change it when he legally can. LOL

NateAndJakesMom said...

I don't think that I have ever told you how much I love your writing!!
That was so funny! I promise I won't tell them where their names come from!!

Craving Cinnabon said...

I think those are good names, a set of common names and a bit more unique names Dean and Elias (seeing as I have never met a person irl with those names)

Thao said...

Rhonda - That would have been a cool name but I think Dean would have problems in school. You know bringing his hammer to school is a no-no.

Letti - I almost gave my boys 2 middle names since I was given 2 middle so that at least if they didn't like their first name they would have two others to choose from.

Kari - You are so sweet, thanks for reading. And for keeping the secret.

Craving - I don't know very many Dean's or Elias' either. And Ayla is a beautifully unique name too.