Monday, August 3, 2009

We're freezing

Rod is still looking for a job so now would not be a good time to make large purchases. I made an exception this weekend and sent Rod to get a deep freezer. We had discussed getting one because we simply have no room in our refrigerator freezer. I don't store breast milk in the freezer any longer. Not only is there no room, frozen breast milk really does not keep that long due to the number of times we open and close the door.

I was looking on the Sam's Club website and found a 5 cubic foot model, which is the smallest they have, for $156. I thought this was plenty big for us.

However, when Rod came home, he was dragging in the 7 cu.ft. model. He got it because it had a lock and that will definitely come in handy when the boys are older and start getting into things. We do not want them falling into the freezer and not be able to get out. For the, I would gladly pay and extra $40.

We got it set up and it is huge. Rod can fit in it. This picture is very misleading because it is much longer then it looks on the website. I thought I would never be able to fill it up but after my grocery shopping adventure, I can see it would not be hard to fill it at all. I had all these coupons for frozen goods burning a hole in my organizer and it was so liberating to be able to buy food without worrying whether or not I had room in the freezer. I know this may sound crazy but I got giddy. I never realized how irritating that was for me. There was never enough space for storage for when meat or frozen foods were on sale and then we never a wide variety of things to make meals. Now, we should not have to say, we have nothing to make for dinner. Just look at my precious!

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Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Christina said...

Wow. That freezer could hold a months worth of the food I buy since all I buy are eggs and spinach :(