Monday, September 7, 2009

5 and 6 month progress

1 month

6 months

I just totally bypassed the boy's 5 month progress. They are now 6 months and they have gone through so many changes. I am sure I forgot all of them. They had their 4 month well visit in June. The well visit took forever. I really like the pediatrician but I cannot stand the front desk women. They are both not personable nor polite. They are curt and on the verge of rude. I guess being around kids and parents all day can wear you down. Since I only interact with the front desk to pay the copay, I guess I shouldn't think about finding a new pediatrician. But boy do I hate dealing with those two.

They are progressing on the developmental track very well, I think. At the 6 month visit next week, I will discuss starting real solids for them. I know they are ready. They are always smacking their lips and drooling when they watch us eat. We started adding rice cereal to their nighttime bottle and it seems to help with sleeping a little longer through the night. They still wake once for a feeding so I am not sure we are giving them enough.

They both do not consistently nap for longer than 30 minutes. Some days they will go down for 2 hours, other days, only 15 minutes. Getting a nigh time routine is killing me. I come home around 6 or 6:30, spend a few minutes with them, eat dinner and then put them down for the night around 7:30 pm. The boys fight going to bed. They cry so much that the only thing that gets them to bed is a boob in their face. And you guessed it, I am the only one that has that job. Sam is easier to get to bed then Dean but I still spend a good 2-3 hours dealing with bedtime. I have been researching all kinds of sleep training methods and suggestions so I will just go through them until one works.

Dean - 5 months
weight - 14 lbs 11 oz - 10-25%
height - 24.75 inches - 25-50%
head - 16.5 inches - 25-50%

Dean - 6 months
weight - 17 lbs 6 oz - 50-75%
height - 25 inches - 10-25%
head - 17 inches - 25-50%

- drools and makes a giant mess when he gnaws on his hand. And he loves chewing on his hand.
- is a loud talker, so very loud (when he and Sam are talking to each other, Dean will startle Sam and the whole house when he screams)
- is a loud crier, oh so very, very loud
- does not mind tummy time and can lift his head very well
- has rolled front to back a couple of times
- does very well with diaper changes and does not squirm too much
- is a painful eater. Gets my attention by chomping on my nipple whenever I nurse him and am paying attention to Sam.
- tries to sit up and does not enjoy lying down for extended periods
- is still a floppy sitter and falls over often
- loves watching TV, which is not a good habit but his father seems to think this is a perfectly fine way to watch a kid.
- blows lots of bubbles with his spit and makes loud spitting noises
- can hold his bottle for a short while but generally too lazy to do it
- is intrigued with red lights, from laptops, fans and tries to grab it.
- seems to have a deer in headlights look about him 95% of the time

Sam - 5 months
weight - 13 lbs 1 oz - 10-25%
height - 23 inches - <5%>
head - 16.5 inches - 25-50%

Sam - 6 months
weight - 15 lbs 14 oz - 10-25%
height - 24.5 inches - <5%>
head - 17 inches - 25-50%

- has the sweetest smile, gets his crooked grin from his father
- is a loud eater, his gulps and swallows are so noisy but at least I know he's enjoying his food
- does not like the Bumbo and sinks into it and hunches over.
- is getting better at tolerating tummy time but does not particularly care for it.
- likes playing with paper and wants to snack on it. I was looking at the ads in the Sunday paper and Sam was more interested in grabbing and tearing the paper then playing with his rings.
- is the squirmiest when we are changing his diaper. He tries to roll over from back to front but has not yet rolled from front to back.
- never wants to nap for fear of missing something
- loves sitting and playing in the exersaucer and turns around in it like a champ.
- has mastered sitting. Sam has such a compact body and a low center of gravity that it helps him sit for long periods.
- does not sit for longer than 15 minutes when watching baby Einstein
- still has no hair but looks so cute with his big ears sticking out
- watches people eat with such intensity, like he can taste that taco I am eating.
- loves his Gerber cereal and begs for more.

They both:
- love the exersaucer but not for longer than 15 minutes.
- can push off and walk backwards in the walker.
- laugh hysterically when tickled and have their tummy munched on
- have so much fun playing with daddy and staging mock kung fu fights (daddy fights dirty)
- have the sweetest smiles and give amazing sugars
- still nurse like champs
- are the best things that have ever happened to us

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letti said...

they're growin! :)

Jaxon also still has some sleep issues. I don't have a "particular method" that I use. Just whatever works. I'm trying to wean him off the boob to sleep, and have been doing that probably for 3 weeks now, replacing it with patting while walking around. Right now we're trying to get him to lay down and actually sleep without all this walking around and it's hard to hear him cry. We've only done this a couple of days, and already I'M crying. *sigh*. Like you say, whatever works. It's a lot of trial and error and heartbreak, and everyone keeps telling me it'll get better. Chin up and you're doing EXCELLENT!