Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cutting a tooth

Sam has been so fussy lately. Tang said he did not want to sleep yesterday and just kept whining. He has not been drooling like his brother so I thought he was just cranky. I felt around in his mouth and sure enough, a tooth is trying to break through on the bottom.

I tried natural remedies to help him with the discomfort. I tied a knot in a burp rag for him to chew on. He got crankier. I tried to give him ice in the mesh bag. He just got wet and crankier. When I dug around some more in his mouth, he seemed to be content chewing on my gloved fingers. I started losing feeling in my hand so I decided it was time to give him teething tablets.

My attempt to place those two little tablets under his tongue proved to be a difficult task. He ended up getting it down. Thank goodness it is quick dissolve because I was afraid he would choke on it. He seemed to settle down a bit an hour after I gave it to him

I have read that teeth can move around for quite some time but I am wondering how long before it really starts growing in. It is surprising to me that Sam got a tooth first. Dean being bigger and much droolier, I was certain he would cut first. You just never know with kids.

Pretty soon Sam won't look like a toothless old man.
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Daisy said...

I have twin Boy/Girl 4 yr olds and my little guy is older by one minute (natural child birth)
My little guy has been the needier since he was born and that didn't change when he started cutting teeth. I'm not kidding...he cried for 2 years straight! All day and night. What a way to make a new mom feel helpless right!! My little princess had a whole head of teeth and didn't cry one time in 1 yrs time and I had no idea she was even cutting teeth. No even a whimper. My advice...try everything and try it again..LOL. Whatever to make them comfortable, happy and content. Because when mama is tired and cranky, the house is cranky!