Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Festivals

This weekend was so busy. I am still exhausted and trying to recover. We went to my moms of multiple fall social, I volunteered at the Moxie Moms booth at the Katy Kids festival and then I went to a baby shower.

This is the scrapbook I am putting together as my gift. I took pictures and will print them to finish this book. I love the idea of an ABC book to commemorate the event. I received one for my wonderful shower and I still look at it from time to time.

Shower scrapbook

The Moxie-Moms booth was a lot of fun. I got to help some children make hand ghosts. I had to go and suggest hand turkeys too and the kids love to get crafty. For just 2 hours of volunteer time, I get to renew for another year membership for $10. It's a huge cost savings.

Sunday, Tang and I took the boys to an au pair Halloween party held by one of the host families. Tang wore my geisha costume from a few years back and I wore my old pirate/wench costume. I found Dean and Sam pirate costumes from Babies R Us on clearance for half off so I decided to go with that. I loved the tiger and monkey outfits I found at Walmart but I really like the pirate outfits.

Tigger Dean Sam the monkey

The boys did very well and all the au pairs just thought they were the cutest. Sam is a flirt with the ladies. I am going to have to reign him in as he gets older. Dean and Sam won cutest costume. Incidentally, the orange pumpkin girl in the background frightened Sam, it has to be the bright orange hair that set him off.

au pair halloween party

I need to attend more au pair socials because it makes me feel young. Three different people thought I was an au pair and were very complimentary when I said I was a host mom. I credit looking young and good skin to my mom. She always said to moisturize and moisturize. Pearl cream optional.


letti said...

aw, the boys look utterly adorable! Yay on winning cutest costumes!