Tuesday, October 13, 2009

H1N1 not for every one

H1N1 mist vaccine is out

We are all vaccinated in this household. The twins get their second shot next week so I will ask about the H1N1 vaccine for them. I really don't want to get it. It is so new and I am leery about getting it so soon out of the gate if you know what I mean. I especially don't want it for the boys but I will see what the pediatrician says.

A coworker's daughter tested positive for H1N1 so it is hitting pretty close. I just need everyone sick to stay away from me. I don't want to shake anyone's hands, hug anyone, nothing. So for all you sniffling, touchy feely people at work, don't get offended if I tell you in the nicest way possible. Back. Off.


Kelsey S said...

Im with you! I feel like a shut in lately!!


Lady Lore said...

I haven't decided. I got the regular flu shot but that's because I always seem to get sick in spring and, well, it royally sucks.

People at work have been really paranoid too. We had a coworker catch it from a contractor who got it from his wife, who works at a hospital, etc...

Germs! Gotta love them!


letti said...

david and i got our shots as well, and jaxon gets his second flu shot early next month. We're kinda wary of the h1n1 vaccine as well, but we will most likely get jaxon ( and ourselves? ) vaccinated for that as well when it's available. But for right now, we're also kind of hermitized.