Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

The boys had their first Halloween season and it was really nice. They got to wear their costumes to 2 fall festival and trick or treating. I know they are way too young to know what Halloween is but their dad wanted to dress them up and show them off. I think he wanted to get dressed up and take the boys to get candy.


You can't see it but there is a genuine sword that is strapped to his waist. Every time he moved or turned, he was banging it into this. I suggested he leave it at home and he thought I was insane. His reaction? "Woman! The sword is what makes the costume look good."

Oh. Ok.

I walked with them so that hubby did not have to maneuver the double stroller alone. We decided to carry the boys instead. Our neighborhood stinks when it comes to this holiday. No one on our street decorates and only one other house besides ours was giving away candy. I have a complaint about modern day trick or treating. If you do not plan to give away candy, turn your lights off. It is just for one night and only for a few hours. You don't have to participate in the holiday and it would help parents out to know what houses to avoid.

Was it 23 years ago that I took my sisters trick or treating by ourselves? There were other kids tagging along, or maybe we tagged along, but there were no adults. We walked for blocks and blocks and amassed tons of candy. I can't imagine how my mom let me take them but it was lots of fun. Back then, it was much safer. I would never let my kids go it alone in this day and age.

There are not many treaters nowadays and it is sad that such a tradition is made so unsafe with all the crazies out there. Next year, I think we will take them to a trick or treating event where it is indoors and the environment is more controlled.

On a separate note, Dolphin Girl won the $15 iTunes giftcard.
Thanks again for all the costume suggestions.


Craving Cinnabon said...

Ah I know I love Halloween too but its dying. I had plan an outfit for my daughter too but her wings never came :/ Halloween is becoming like Valentine I guess. Just get candy at school maybe dress up and end it there.

Craving Cinnabon said...

Oh you know what's funny? I was watching this Japanese cartoon called Mainichi Kaasan, and the mom tries to celebrate Halloween with her two kids but as they go to each house, they have to explain themselves why they are dressed up and end up getting random food such as ramen. The message was Japan is not ready for Halloween. Ah if they only knew..