Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I need a bedroom makeover...

This is embarrassing to show but I am doing it in hopes of changing it. Visionbedding.com is holding a giveaway for a custom bedroom makeover ($1000 value) for the TwitterMoms blogger who has the most compelling story why a makeover is needed.

This is our bedroom. We have no wall decorations, no color scheme, no theme, no nothing.

baby 005

Let's start with the bed. We don't even have a bed frame. The box springs are on the floor. It bothers me that the bed is sitting on the floor where any old bug or critter can climb up. I am not saying that bugs can't climb a bed that is on a frame. However, there is much more surface area where they can crawl into bed with us. The bedding is not coordinated and is over 6 years old. It was all purchased on sale or clearance. Do you know how expensive King size bedding is? King pillow cases start at $20-$30.

baby 004

We recently took down the pack n play and removed the dresser/changing table from the room. The boys would nap in this room during the day and we tried to block out some of the light with trash bags over the windows. You can see the left side where the bags are falling down. And your eyes are not playing tricks, that really is a sword propped up against boxes.

Speaking of boxes, that is hubby's cleaning and storage solution. When he gets in a mood to clean, his idea of cleaning and putting things away is throwing them in a box and putting it in our room. We just have no place to put anything.

baby 003

We do not have any type of dresser so clothes are thrown in the closet. The only furniture are two particle board night stands and a rocking chair. We have accessorized the room with 2 infant car seats, an oscillating fan and laundry baskets. Sometimes the room is decorated with an ironing board. It is a small bedroom but looks like a large room. That's because we try to keep all the "stuff" against the walls. I think I saw on HGTV that design strategy really opens up the room.

Our room is in desperate need of a makeover. I think if it actually looked clean and uncluttered, it would reduce my stress level. It would be a room I would want to retreat to not retreat from. It would be so incredible to win the makeover with products from Visionbedding.com. I love all the items you can personalize, including pillow and blankets. My favorite item is the Photo Wall Murals. I could get a picture of a Scottish castle and rolling hills. All that would be missing would be Ewan McGregor. Then I might never leave the room. On second thought, hubby would keep bugging Ewan about how he let his young padawan go to the dark side and how telling Anakin to "mind his thoughts" really wasn't the best form of intervention.

You can find details here on how to enter your room.


Craving Cinnabon said...

Im in the same situation. We dont have any dressers, I'm using diaper boxes as drawers... yada yada. I should enter too! lol