Monday, June 14, 2010

First 2 weeks in daycare

They boys started daycare the beginning of June. The first day, we both took them in so that I could go over some things with the teacher. We were the first ones there and Ms. teacher was excited to have the twins start. I left the room while Rod was still in the class so that they would not freak out too much. It was pointless because they freaked out anyway.

On the 2nd day, Sam came home very hoarse. I was not sure if he was coming down with croup again or getting sick but Rod seemed to think it was because of the crying. And he had been crying a lot. He was also very clingy with the afternoon teacher.

Towards the end of the first week, afternoon teacher said that Dean was adjusting well. He was not as social as Sam and tended to play by himself. When Sam would come over to play with him, Dean would walk away. Sam was more social and played with the other kids however, he was still clingy and teacher had to hold him a lot. Sam also did not nap well at all. He may go down for 30 minutes and so far, 45 minutes is the longest he naps. Dean naps very well, almost 3 hours every day.

During lunches and snacks, they eat well. I wish that their menu was a little healthier. They are not eating a bunch of junk food but I wish there was more fresh foods in their diet during the week. We packed them a sack lunch on Friday and made them a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It was the first time they had that and they seemed to like it. We packed fresh fruit and crackers and teacher said they ate everything. Thank goodness they do not have any known or major food allergies and are not too picky. That is one thing I will say about feeding kids, it makes it so much easier when they eat the stuff you put in front of them.

They go outside and play no more than 2 days a week. I started noticing a farmer tan on Dean. We have requested they put sunscreen on the boys when they play outside. A 16 month old has no business having a farmer tan. Sam is white and will burn easily. Dean has my coloring so I am sure he will tan easily but for now, they need to be protected.

The second week started bad for Sam. The daycare called Monday and said that Sam had 101 fever and red ears. Rod picked him up and took him to the pediatrician. That was the first day riding the bus so I hurried over there. Silly Rod had taken both boys out of daycare and was having a hard time of it with two boys. I walked into the exam room and find Dean running around, Sam crying and naked and Rod with crap on his shirt and a look of exhaustion. I told him he was crazy for taking both boys.

Doctor said Sam's throat was very red and with lots of puss. He tested negative for strep. Red ears are a sign of fever and luckily there was no ear infection. We gave him store brand infant pain reliever that night and by Thursday, he was feeling better.

This 2nd week has been all rainy and wet so no outdoor play except Thursday. Tuesday, they came home with their first arts and crafts masterpiece. It was coloring with brown crayon a pelican and gluing spiral shells to the paper. My heart swelled when I saw them. Is that dorky? I sometimes still think of them as babies and how could they possibly have the hand eye coordination to attach shells to a sheet of paper? They are growing and learning and that makes me proud and sad at the same time. I like that they are in a daycare and feel we made a good decision to place them in a school rather than continue with the au pair program.

Dean may be the sensitive artsy person. He is very particular about his art projects. Sam seems disinterested and just wants to get through them. I will need to start photographing these because at this rate, I will have no room for art projects from two talented toddlers.

Sunday, Dean was cranky ALL DAY. He had a low grade fever and he spent the majority of the day crying and sleeping. I think his tooth is bothering him because he kept reaching in his mouth.

Their first 2 weeks weren't so bad really. They are getting adjusted to going to school. They don't fuss in the morning when we put them in the car seat. They seem to play well with others. The afternoon teacher said Sam has a girlfriend. Really? He isn't out of diapers yet. you must be out of diapers at least 26 years before you can have a girlfriend. I read it somewhere. I did.

Back to the GF. Sam puts his hand on this girl's shoulder and follows her around the room. Dean apparently is shedding his shyness. He was sitting at the table next to a girl and started laughing. This made the girl laugh which in turn made Dean laugh. You get the picture. I wish I could see them during their day. I miss out on so much by not being with them and getting to spend more time with them. But I know this is good for them. Maybe not the whole girlfriend bit, that can wait 25 more years.