Monday, July 26, 2010

Say no to 1 day only coupons for food

Anyone who knows me would immediately give me a strange look if those words came out of my mouth. But they did. And Pei Wei is to blame. I curse you Teriyaki Chicken bowl with a side if edamame.

Pei Wei had a coupon for 2 entrees for $10 in celebration of their 10 years. You know how things get passed around. I called Rod on my way home and he called in the order at 5:30 pm. I drove very slowly in the rain and fought my way through the millions of people waiting in line at the take out counter. Folks who were just ordering at the counter were told there was a one and a half hour wait. There was a lady there that placed her order online 2 hours ago and still did not have her food. Apparently, your order does not officially get place for web orders until payment is made. And because she had no online code and had to bring in that cursed email, she basically saw no benefit in placing the online order.

At 6:40 pm, I finally got my food and was headed home. I ate my $5 Teriyaki Chicken bowl but did not enjoy it. Curse you Pei Wei, you poor man's P.F. Chang's. Your marketing team gets a big fat FAIL for not thinking this one through.


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