Saturday, July 24, 2010

Will you be my BFF4ever?

I'm on Facebook. Not a lot. But I will check in at least every other day. There was a honeymoon phase when I first joined and I took quizzes and posted pictures and wrote on walls and added friends. I was high on this new form of social networking, getting in touch with old friends while still in my underwear. Nothing perverse, just thinking about comfort. Months later, my wall updates are down to maybe once a week. I don't play Mafia Farms, I don't take quizzes and I have less than 100 friends.*

Which may be a good thing because I have come to the conclusion that I am a horrible Facebook friend. Which depresses me even more, because I am a horrible real life friend. I used to call people and write letters and was awesome at remembering birthdays and would send cards. But now, I can't remember anyone's birthday. With Facebook, I am even more reminded that I suck at Facebooking. There are REMINDERS for friend's birthdays and I manage to still forget.

So if I forget to acknowledge your birthday or your children's birthday, if I don't RSVP to your cat's spaying party event, if I don't post a response to your funny updates, if I don't accept your heart gifts or smack you with a virtual pillow, if I don't offer to water your green clover garden or feed your goats and if I don't help you forge more weapons to fight off a Minato-Kai sponsored hit, it is NOT because I don't love you or value you as a friend. It's because I suck at Facebook.

How to suck at Facebook

* I am like Oprah this way, except without the Stedman and the trillions of dollars in my bank account. My circle of friends is tight, tight, tight.