Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Handy Dandy

Back in December, I decorated a few foaming hand soap bottles to give as my crafty gift. I love the idea of making my own foaming hand soap so my house is at 75% foaming hand soap capacity. The only room that does not have one of these fancy schmancy bottles is the master bath. Dear hubby is not a fan of the blingy bottles or the soap.

I am here to say: Resistance is futile.

There will be a foamy hand soap in that master bath by March 17. Mark my words.

You can use stickers or decals to put on the bottles. I like the ones made to decorate phones and electronic devices. They have cute designs and are removable. I found some on sale at Michael's and went a little crazy with the decorations.

My favorite is the one in front. It's green. It's shiny. It screams master bathroom soap for the hubby!

This is a fun, inexpensive project and one you can do with older kids. It's a cheap way to let them decorate their own soap bottle and get them interested in washing their hands. With the removable stickers, you can change up the designs to match your decor and still use the same bottles. That's so green, you'll be singing an Irish lullaby.

Check out my previous post on how to make foaming soap.