Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentine's Day is not a holiday Rod and I usually celebrate. But his year was different. I had a Groupon for 2 to see a movie at Alamo Drafthouse. I picked Just Go With It, a bonified romantic comedy. We got to the theater and was told there was no air conditioning in the theater showing this movie. It was still cool outside so we didn't think it would be bad. It was a blazing inferno in there. The only other movie option was The Mechanic, the complete opposite of a chick flick. It was not a complete loss because I enjoyed this movie. I could have done without the porn scenes though. I would have been a cheap date but Alamo raised their food prices. Grrr.

My sister held a Durex house party and I made her some party favors: Hershey's miniature wrappers. The message may appear dirty but it is a candy wrapper. And you have to slip it off to eat it. It's more like stating the obvious.

Treat boxes

Is it bad form that I am now transitioning from showing adult favors to my kids' Valentine's party stuff? S and D are having a party at daycare and I went cheap and lazy for this one. Fruit snacks, a Yummy Earth lollipop and a Toy Story 3 card all in a snack bag.

I dipped these and swished them myself. These are for the teachers.

I dipped the big strawberry marshmallows and swished those too. I had leftover vanilla so swished the strawberries some more.

They don't look as nice but I doubt anyone is going to complain about the extra chocolate.

And I cannot forget about my quality control testers:

Despite how this may look, S really did like it.