Friday, February 18, 2011

Woody and Buzz

I decided not to do a 2 year birthday party this year. Their 1st birthday was such a great party that there was no way I was going to be able to do anything that creative with the financial situation we are in. But I still wanted to do something special for them. My inspiration was Toy Story. Sam and Dean LOVE Toy Story. All three movies with the third one being their favorite. I admit I love them all too and the third one is my favorite too. Maybe it really isn't their favorite and they are just humoring me by watching it too.

The boys spend their day at daycare 5 days a week and really enjoy it. I decided I would give them a mini party at the daycare. I found crayons, notepads, kazoos and erasers from the Michael's dollar section. The stickers were from Walmart. The images were found online to make the treat bag toppers, which fit a regular sandwich ziploc bag. Because the treats bags were for toddlers, I used 2 sided tape to attach the bag topper but you can use staples. I like the clean look of the 2 sided tape and it is easily removable so if you need to open the bag again or one tears and you have to use another bag, at least the topper is not ruined.

Party favors do not need to be fancy or expensive. Not including the bags, the paper, ink or tape, the treats cost about $1 per bag. I made 14 of them which was not bad considering I was not spending money on food and decorations for a real party.

Assembled treat bags

Close up of front and back of bag topper

If you are looking for customized treat bag toppers, contact me at underwraps4u (at)

I also made marbled chocolate/vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing dyed 2 shades of green to go with the Rex and Alien candy toppers. I ran out of toppers so used a Toy Story shaped gummie. Kinda lame but will the kids care? Not so much.

Images printed from I used my Xyron to turn them into magnets. These were just treats for Sam and Dean to play on the refrigerator.

Toy Story is such a fun theme for birthdays, especially for twin boys. You have Woody and Buzz who fight like they are brothers and are best buds. You can even do Woody and Jessie for boy/girl twins. Here are two of my favorite sites for Toy Story inspiration. There are lots of printables and activities for kids, recipe and party ideas.

Have fun going to infinity and beyond...