Monday, April 11, 2011

TL Auction #4 - One batch of Nursing cookies

Item: One batch (24-32 pc) of Chocolate chip and oatmeal "Nursing Cookies"
Value: $20
Location: US
Reserve: $5
Auction start: 4/12 8 am Central
Auction end: 4/14 8:00 pm Central
Questions about the item:

"This auction is for ONE BATCH (24-32) of "Nursing Cookies" (chocolate-chip and oatmeal) great for nursing moms who want help with their milk supply AS WELL AS anyone who wants a tasty treat full of omega-3s, fiber and B-vitamins (you can eat them without worrying about lactating if you're not already nursing!).  I can make them anytime you want, and they will be shipped Priority Mail from Virginia the same day they're made.  I've got a pretty good way of keeping them fresh (I've never had any complaints sending them through the mail)!  They're a great gift for yourself. I can individually wrap them and include a freezer bag if they're for you or for another mom to be.  I will include the recipe as well!!

*Please note, these are made in my home kitchen, but I do observe food safety precautions when I bake.  They have eggs and wheat, and are nut free, but are made in a kitchen that cooks with tree nuts, and some of the ingredients are processed in plants with nuts as well*

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