Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TL Auction #53 - Exclusive Team Linus outfit for boy

Item: Exclusive Team Linus outfit for boy size 5/6 with beanie
Value: $48
Location: US
Reserve: $20
Auction start: 5/4 8:00 am Central
Auction end: 5/6 8:00 pm Central
Questions about the item: signature.creations @ hotmail.com

(1) boy outfit with one of a kind design and matching crochet (by hand w/ love) beanie made by Miss Beanies n More.

The community of triplet moms is a tight knit one. When Pam, who is a board member of Katy Area Parents of Multiples, contacted Astrid of SIGnature Creations about donating an item, we were in for a whirlwind of a surprise. Not only did she offer to donate outfits but she rallied her very talented friends to donate items as well. Astrid has been our champion. She drew inspiration from Linus, Simon and Dexter and created a one of a kind design for outfits to be used for the auction. Astrid took it a step further when Claire asked her to make Team Linus shirts for the coordinators to wear at the blood drive. Her generosity didn't stop there. She did not ask the Team Linus coordinators to pay for making the shirts but asked her Facebook followers to donate money to Team Linus. I have been in awe of everything that Astrid has been able to pull together and in a short amount of time. I am so very grateful and even more honored that she has allowed me to wear the shirt to honor Linus, Simon and Dexter.

To Astrid, you have an incredible talent and immense passion for your craft. As beautiful as your clothing creations are, it pales in comparison to how big your heart is. Thank you for all your help with the auction. I am forever indebted to you.

Read about Astrid's inspiration for the Linus outfits. Please see separate auction for the girl outfit.

If you are interested in purchasing these outfits, they are exlcusive to Team Linus.

Boy outfit is $40 with $10 going to The Harmeson Family. Grey and black beanie ($18) created by Miss Beanies n More and is sold separately.

Girl outfit is $50 with $10 going to The Harmeson Family.
Visit Astrid at SIGnature Creations on Facebook and browse through picures of her team's creations. Please stop by to thank her for everything that she has done to help Team Linus.