Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TL Auction #56 - Sunny Sleeve set

Item: Sunny Sleevez set (kid sleevez, necklace and bracelet)
Value: $46
Location: US
Reserve: $18
Auction start: 5/5 8:00 am Central
Auction end: 5/9 8:00 pm Central
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Just in time for summer! This set includes the following:

Kid size tie dye sun sleeve in your choice of color.

* Lightweight breathable fabric (similar to swimsuit fabric), wicks moisture to keep skin cool
* Elasticated band for size Small
* Adjustable upper arm band (button) sizes Small & Medium
* Loose around wrist for increased airflow/ventilation
* 50+UPF UVA/UVB protection, keeps SPF even when wet
* Sold in pairs

Shark Jaw Sun Change Necklace
Have Fun in the Sun & teach kids about the UV rays with "Magic" color changing Jewelery. SUNNYBEADZ - ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT DETECTION BEADS change color instantly in the sun to alert the user of harmful UV rays.

Heart color change necklace (4 color options)
Wear as jewelry or attach to baby stroller, surfboard, golf bag, lunchbox or purse; SunnyBeadz are a great reminder to cover up and take care of your largest organ!

Sunny Sleevez are patent pending, lightweight, 50+SPF fabric sleeves that provide Instant Chemical-Free Sun Protection that you never have to reapply!

Some dermatologists and scientists worry that products carrying high-SPF labels gives a false sense of security & encourages people to increase their exposure to the sun, escalating the risk for skin damage and cancer.

UVB rays are the primary cause of sunburn, while UVA rays lead to premature aging of the skin yet only one-third of high SPF products offer strong protection against both UVA and UVB rays, making U.S. sunscreens worse overall than those sold abroad. Despite claims on sunscreen labels, there's no such thing as an all-day, sweat-proof, waterproof sun block.
Both types of ultraviolet radiation can lead to skin cancer.

However the good news is UPF certified clothing gives instant, chemical free sun protection that will not wear off & never has to be reapplied!
Sunny Sleevez are light as a feather, 50+UPF fabric sleeves that "slip on in the sun and slide off when you’re done!”

Wear a regular short sleeved top but still get instant, chemical free sun protection, for arms and top of hands, which blocks 98% UVA & UVB rays & won't get rubbed in eyes.

Native Brit turned Angelino, Dashiel St. Damien, a freckly red-head, created Sunny Sleevez for her 2 fair skinned children after enduring one too many "Sunscreen battles".

"Between my son crying and running away and my daughter licking off sunscreen or rubbing it in her eyes, we would end up with sticky goop on clothing, furniture and car seats, everywhere but where I wanted it! After all the squabbling the one member of our family who was concerned about sun protection (me) wouldn't get any, I would leap in the car and my own arms would get roasted in the scorching California sun".

Later I discovered that sunscreen takes 20 minutes to even start working & is only good for 2 hours, that is if it doesn't get rubbed or washed off sooner!

Skin cancer rates are skyrocketing, with 1 in 5 Americans being diagnosed, despite the rise in sunscreen purchases. Dashiel wanted sun protection she could see and trust didn't have to wait for, or wonder if it's working yet, without having to replace an entire wardrobe. No mess. No missed spots. No fuss. Originally designed for children, adults began clamoring for them too especially golfers, cyclists, runners and for driving in the car.

Did you know:
• Sunscreen takes 20 minutes to even START working
• Sunscreen has to be reapplied EVERY two hours
• Many sunscreens contain potentially HAZARDOUS ingredients, & may even accelerate growth of skin tumors.
• Sunscreens are expensive yet of the top 500 tested in 2010 only 8% did what they claim
• Sunscreen in the ocean is a contributor to coral reef decline
• Using 1 pair of sun sleeves through just 2-3 summers (they may well last much, much longer) will keep up to 36 plastic bottles out of landfill 8 litres of chemical goop off your skin!