Sunday, May 22, 2011

TL Auction #84 - 3 girl themed burpers from Bumble B

Item: 3 girl themed burpers from Bumble B Bows 'n Burpers
Value: $15
Location: US
Reserve: $6
Auction start: 5/23 8:00 am Central
Auction end: 5/25 8:00 pm Central
Questions about the item: bumblebbows @

The material is super cozy flannel. They are not non-flammable so they're not treated with any chemicals. These very cute burpers are handmade, not just embellished Gerber cloth diapers. They are serged at each end with colorful, customized threads and also make super soft, environmentally friendly, washable and reusable cloths for runny noses.

About Bumble B Bows 'n Burpers:
We offer custom bows and handmade burp cloths. Sen a picture of a dress or outfit and we will make a bow or bows to match. We, also, customize burp cloths to your nursery.

Sarah, a homeschooling mom of three awesome kiddos, has been sewing and crafting for over six years. She loves sharing new experiences with her kids and she takes every opportunity to teach them how to treat others with kindness and respect.

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