Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Texas Mothers of Multiples 2016 Convention

Texas Moms of Multiples conventions were created for moms to spend one weekend away from their kids. To allow us to not feel guilty about our time away to hang out with other moms who "get" you, other moms who can offer bits of wisdom, to tell you that the stage you are in with your twins/triplets/or more won't be the worst you will ever experience, and that it really does change in a matter of moments. You find out your kids are not the only ones who like to scream out "vagina" and "penis" in public places, who eat boogers, smear poop, don't eat their vegetables, and still have tantrums even though you think they are way too old to throw fits still.

This past weekend was the 2016 convention held in Kemah. The convention was hosted by Bay Area Moms of Multiples and they planned the entire convention, from the tours, classes, and meals. Putting on an event of this magnitude takes a lot of teamwork and they pulled it off quite wonderfully.  I met some pretty hilarious ladies from other clubs but best of all, I hung out with some pretty cool ladies from our club.

The weather was gorgeous and the view was spectacular.

We visited Space Center Houston and took a tram tour.

Lots of good food.

Photo booth awesomeness happened at the dinners. Every party deserves a photo booth. Certainly makes taking "us-ies" easier.

So if you are not part of an organization who meets up annually, to celebrate being a mom, start your own club and plan an annual get-together. You deserve it. And you'll thank me later.