Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Summer Movie Programs for kids 2016 - Houston areas specific

For parents with children out of school for the summer, thinking of schedules and what to do with them can be stressful. Not to mention the astronomical cost of "entertaining" them or putting them in a summer camp or program. I feel like I need to take out a loan just so they aren't roaming the streets, getting juice box wasted and high on warheads. This is where low cost movies during the summer can be a lifesaver. It is two hours of quiet time (hopefully) and out of the heat. We won't discuss the possible 20 z's you might catch when you close your eyes during the previews.

I have compiled information on Houston area theaters with summer movie programs. Be sure to check with each theater's website for more details or changes to the program.

Each movie is $1 or you can buy a bundle punch card for $5 for 10 movies.
Show days are Tue, Wed, Thurs 9:00am o-9:30

Each movie is $1.
Show days are Tuesday and Wednesday at 10amEach week both movies play on both days. Check your specific theater for start dates. 
A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute.

Santikos - Palladium specific
Movies are free
Show days are Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am.
Summer snack pack with popcorn and drink is $4
The movie program benefits Child Advocates.

Each movie is $1. Movies run M-F at 11, depending on location.
Their site is a little different. Click on the link and select ALL if not defaulted. Movies are listed alphabetically. Find the movie you wish to see (it will say summer movie series at the bottom of the picture.) Once you hit select, it will take you to the available theaters. Select the theater then the date and showtime. 

Choose your own ticket price - $1-$3 and buy your tickets online to reserve your seats in advance.  100% of ticket sales are donated to local nonprofits working to make our community a better place.  Most Kids Camp screenings are ages 3 and up, but some locations are All Ages - please check drafthouse.com for local policies.  Their viewing week is different from the other theaters so pay attention to dates.
And during the summer, all movies before 2PM are $5 at Vintage Park and Mason Park!

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