Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The workout adventures of Miss Fit at Vibe Fitness

I had the opportunity to try Vibe Fitness for 21 days. Considering I have not been "active" in any fitness regimen for over a year, I saw this as a kick in the yoga pants to get myself back in shape. 

Vibe Fitness in Katy is led by Ashlie Holdorf and her team of energetic instructors who thrive on positive energy. Ashlie has been in fitness her entire life and started teaching dance and tumbling at 15. From there she progressed to group fitness and personal training. During her time as the fitness manager for a fitness studio, she experienced the fitness family lifestyle and did not want to lose that vibe. So Vibe Fitness came to life! 

Vibe opened in February 2016 and since then, word of mouth has spread in the Katy community through special events showcasing local entreprenuers, "mompreneurs", and networking groups. No matter your strength, agility, or ability, Vibe offers classes for anyone and everyone. Vibe offers personal attention so you can try new things and succeed. They want to help, not just in fitness but in your community. One you join Vibe Fitness, you are in the Vibe Tribe!

Vibe Fitness offers group fitness classes and personal training. Personal training can be for the individual, students, or couples/buddies. There are currently 16 different group classes and the descriptions are listed on their site: http://www.vibewithustexas.com/. There are some classes that are consistent, for example, Zumba on Saturday morning at 9:30am and candlelight yoga on Monday at 7:00 pm. During the week, there may be some variation in the group class schedule. More classes will be added in the coming months and additional instructors have been added for children's yoga. Ashlie is currently working on a Les Mills Body Pump class coming this Fall.

Aerial Yoga
This unique format incorporates elements of yoga, pilates and barre workouts to increase flexibility, strength and relaxation. Using beautiful silks to extend your traditional practice, we invite you to a one of a kind experience.

music - relaxing instrumental
intensity - low
Instructor - Jackie
Overall - This class was the first one I took and a good intro back into working out. This was leg intensive for me as we balanced on one leg while the other leg was sequestered in the silk. The format is yoga poses incorporating the silks so it is a bit more challenging if you have a difficult time with balance however this does improve with continued practice. It is not a fast paced class so definitely one a beginner can try. 

Bollywood Dancing is one of the hottest dances around! It is the foundation of every great Indian Bollywood Film. The dances are a fusion of traditional and classical Indian dances with the influence of some jazz, hip-hop and modern dance.
Music - Bollywood
Intensity - Medium to high impact on legs/knees, cardio
Instructor - Divya 
Overall - Bollywood was a lot of fun. from the music to the moves. There is quite a bit of hip action going on so this helps you flex those muscles. This is another good class for beginners as Divya alternates intensities from set to set. She will ask the class how they are doing and adjust the sets based on feedback.

Soul Grooves
A mind, body and soul workout that gets your body moving to the groove. Dance through the hits of today and groove your way to better health.
Music - hip hop
Intensity - medium/high intensity, cardio
Instructor - Jodee
Overall - If you love dancing to hip hop music and really moving to the beat, this is the class for you. Very upbeat and high energy. Jodee engages the participants and encourages you to keep moving. 

Feel the Latin beat with this fun and easy to follow dance class. This timeless classic is sure to make you move!
Music - Latin 
Intensity - Full Cardio
Instructor - Divya 
Overall - This class is a mix of Bollywood and Soul Grooves. It contains some hip hop moves fused with Latin dance moves. Divya also engages the participants and changes up the beat from set to set. Some songs are intense moves and others are slow giving you a chance to catch your breath. If you love dancing, Bollywood, Soul Grooves, and Zumba are right up your alley.

Candlelight Yoga
Wind down your day in the calming candlelight. Move through a relaxing practice designed to stretch your flexibility and center your soul.
Music - relaxing instrumental
Intensity - low impact, low intensity
Instructor - Sally and Sacha
Overall - This is one I recommend to anyone at any fitness level. Because it is low impact, it is great for improving flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone, improved respiration and energy, and protects from injury. This class helps strengthen your and the wind down is very relaxing. I cannot confirm nor deny falling asleep while in Savasana pose.

Drum your way to fitness with this one of a kind workout utilizing drum sticks. We rock out while engaging your core and lower body and hit the floor like we are drumming in a live concert!
Music - fast paced and upbeat hip hop
Intensity - intense strength training, minimal cardio
Instructor - Tiplah
Overall - WOW. This class was tougher for me because I have very little upper body core strength. This class left me the most sore because I worked muscles I did not even know were muscles. Tiplah pushes you to keep going. Even though she gives you modifications, she is really giving you the eyeball to tell you to push through it. 

This class brings a variety of Burn, Balance, and Build to give you a full body workout that will leave you feeling ready for the waves.
Music - Low key but upbeat
Intensity - intense strength training, minimal cardio
Instructor - Ashlie
Overall - I consider this class slightly more advanced only because there is the added task of balancing on a surfset board. For those who have handle on their balance during yoga moves, this will be an easy class. At times the moves were fast-paced and I was scared I would fall off the board. I did but at least you are close to the ground so no real damage occurred. This was a really fun class and one I would recommend after taking a few regular yoga or piyo classes.


I wanted to try all the classes so that I could eventually find 2-3 classes I really liked. (i.e. classes where I did not pass out in the first 10 minutes.) After 3 weeks of classes, I have to say all the ones that I took were so much fun, the instructors are energetic, and I did not pass out in a single class. And when you take the classes with a friend, it makes it that much greater. 

Membership consists of a monthly plan at $55 but if you sign up for 3 months, it is $150. Personal training is available as one -on-one or couple/buddy. Vibe also offers spray tanning, massages, and aesthetician services. You can find more information at vibewithustexas.com.


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