Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Begin at the Beginning

Infertility chart


I wanted to start this blog to document this new chapter in our lives and go share with friends and family our story. So this begins our baby making journey. But first some history.

Rod and I met in 2002 at a Lord of the Rings trading card tournament. I was just getting into the card game and Rod had been playing for awhile. Since I was still learning I really did not want to compete, only watch from the sidelines. That changed when I heard a guy say, "I suck at this game." I thought, surely I can beat this loser. I knew the person running the tournament and had it rigged where I played against this self professed loser. Apparently, I stunk more at the game as I was trounced. I sat out the rest of the tournament but this loser was gracious enough to offer his help to get me up to speed. And so my friendship with Rod began. We did not start dating until some time later as we both were closing old chapters in each of our lives.

Fast forward a couple of years...

Rod and I talked about marriage but never seriously considered it, we were happy being together and didn't think a piece of paper could make it better. We moved in together, then a year later we bought a house together. We (and I mean me) wanted to start a family. I thought with my child bearing hips, we would be successful very quickly. That was not the case. We tried for over two years and it got to be so stressful and heartbreaking every time another month went by with no positive test. We tried diets, herbs, pills, ovulation monitors, anything to increase our chances. I even tried acupuncture but to no avail. Rod and I were tested and there was no explanation for our infertility.

Then I heard of a study for couples facing infertility. I figured there wasn't much to lose so I jumped at the chance. There was no way we would have been able to afford fertility treatments as those can run 10K to 15k per cycle. So then began our IVF journey.