Friday, May 9, 2008

Injection Training


I went for a 30 minute training session at the fertility clinic. It was an attempt to get patients comfortable with the idea of jabbing themselves with needles. Rod didn't attend this one but it would have been good if he could have made it.

The majority of the injections will be subcutaneous, which is into the fatty layer under the skin. I can self administer those shots. Basically, it is a short needle which will have a mixture of hormones that will help me produce more eggs as well as suppress production of estrogen. All I have to do is pinch the fat in my belly (no problem there) and stick and release. I don't know how all shots work with my body chemistry but it seems very common in fertility treatments. The most important shot is the HCG shot. This trigger shot will stimulate my ovaries to release the eggs. This shot is the big one and so is the needle. Rod will have to give that to me in the hip. I'm nervous about that one.

It was all very confusing and I was already stressed about the shots. But it's just something I have to do so I will just have to do it.