Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pour some sugar in me

10/30/08 - 18w2d

I did a 3 hour glucose tolerance test Wednesday. My appointment was in the morning so no food after midnight. To keep myself from starving the next day during the whole test, I had my first dinner at 6:30 and my second dinner at 11:00. It may seem like a lot but I am always hungry and seen to always be eating.

I had to drink the glucola concoction in three minutes. I have had the 1 hour glucose test so I knew how it would taste. When you first take a sip of it, it tastes like a super sweet Sunkist soft drink. And it's really good. Until you look at the clock and realize you have only had 1/4 of the drink and only 1 minute left to finish it. Then it becomes the most vile thing you will ever drink. This is especially true when the stuff sits in your very empty stomach and you cannot eat or drink until the 3 hours are up.

It took every ounce of self control not to throw it all up. Once it comes up you have to go home and schedule it for another day. I did good though. I kept the juice down and even refrained from punching the phlebotomist every time she jabbed my veins to draw blood. She butchered my arms all four times and made me look like a drug addict.

I should get my results in a few days. So here's hoping I don't have gestational diabetes.