Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'd rather have a coca cola

10/28/08 - 17w6d

The medical assistant for my OB finally called me about my glucose tolerance test that I did a month ago. For the 1 hour tolerance test, I came in at 165 milligrams per deciliter and their cutoff is 130 mg/dL. So now, they want me to come in for a 3 hour tolerance test. Which means no food after midnight, drinking an excessively sweet glucola concoction, getting blood drawn and then sitting and waiting to have more blood drawn.

I just want the babies to be healthy and with all my health problems, I worry about them. On top of the gestational diabetes, m swelling has gotten worse. At first, I was the most swollen in the morning and I would be able to work out the kinks as the day wore on. Now, the swelling stays and I can't seem to get the swelling to come down.

I can't wait for all of this to get under control so I can enjoy this pregnancy.


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