Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OB visit

10/22/08 - 17w1d

Rod went with me to this appointment. It was the first OB appointment he attended since getting pregnant. I had a laundry list of things I wanted to go over with the doctor. I have been experiencing swelling in my hands and even had a little pink discharge Friday and Saturday. On top of that, my arms have been going numb, during sleep but also throughout the day. Since this is my first pregnancy, every ache or twinge I feel really makes me worry. Being the laid back person that he is, Rod says it's normal and that I am being paranoid. Being the worry wort, I don't listen to him.

I thought I would have a sonogram and maybe find out the sex of the babies but no go. The nurse used a Fetal Doppler to listen to the heartbeat. The babies were hanging low but once she found the heartbeats, it was a chorus. Both babies are around 150 bpm.

I have been debating whether or not I should find another OB. I felt that I wasn't getting the attentive care that I needed considering all my issues. It has been a month since my last OB and since then, I have called the doctor's nursing assistant and just wasn't getting prompt responses. This appointment was going seal my decision.

This appointment seemed to be much better. The OB listened to all my concerns and said that the swelling in my hands was normal. She said I may be experiencing symptoms earlier than most people due to the twins. The numbness is due to compression of my nerves, not a loss of circulation so my arms won't fall off. It was a little reassuring but I still feel it's not right. I have to lay off the salt and keep drinking water. It is so hard to keep downing water but it's even harder to avoid salt. Especially the way Rod cooks. A little sea salt here and a dash of season salt there. That's Rod's mantra while cooking.

I think I will stick with this OB. I am getting into my 5th month and don't want to look for another doctor. I have a referral to see a Maternal/Fetal medicine doctor due to the high risk nature of the pregnancy. The my next appointment is in two weeks and we should find out the sex then!