Monday, November 3, 2008

Better GD than VD


11/03/08 - 18w5d

It's official, I have gestational diabetes. My numbers:
Fasting - 104 mg/dL
1 hour - 200 mg/dL
2 hour - 161 mg/dL
3 hour - 150 mg/dL

As you can see, all my values were above the normal. When I found out the results, I was pretty bummed out. This test is usually ordered between 24 and 28 weeks and the fact that I am experiencing complications earlier is worrisome to me.

I have a diabetes management class on Monday. The biggest change will be to my diet. Hopefully it won't be too drastic and will be flexible enough where Rod won't suffer. Rod does the cooking and it is not always the healthiest of cooking styles. It may come down to us eating our separate meals. Rod has particular cravings or moods when it comes to foods and he may not be able to handle a low carb, low sugar diet. I know I will certainly miss the bread and pasta and sugar. Especially with the holiday meals coming up.