Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Maternal / Fetal medicine visit

11/05/08 - 18w7d

I finally went for my referral to the maternal and fetal medicine doctor Monday. The genetic counseling was also part of the visit. I answered some questions regarding my family history and Rod's family history. It's kinda weird when they ask if Indy and I are related but they have to ask that.

The genetic counselor explained the amniocentesis test and what genetic anomalies it could detect, the main ones being Down's Syndrom, Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18. I have decided against amnio. I don't want to put the babies at any more risk than necessary and it would not change things for us.

I am going to see if my OB will draw blood for the quad screen. This testing is not definitive in identifying any genetic abnormalities, only the likelihood and maybe the need for further testing.
The ultrasound was very thorough and I got pictures of both babies: their profile, a leg, a foot and an arm. Baby A is 10 ounces and baby B is 8 ounces. They are growing nicely and within good range of each other. Both heartbeats are 150 bpm.

I felt so much better about the babies after I got to see them and talk to the Dr. She said she didn't see any hot spots that would concern her with regards to defects. That confirmed my decision to forgo the amnio. My previa is gone too.

Oh, and I know what we are having. Anyone want to guess?


Rhonda said...

The babies are so cute!