Monday, November 10, 2008

My lumps

11/10/08 - 19w5d

I saw my OB last Thursday and discovered that they do not do ultrasounds in their office. Is that odd for OB offices? I thought that was strange because my first visit was an ultrasound. It was a good thing I had my maternal/fetal visit. The ultrasound was very thorough and it made me feel so much better about the health of the babies. It was a shame Rod did not go to see them for himself.

I also spoke to the OB about my numb fingers and she said it's going to be a long pregnancy. Having carpal tunnel is painful and becoming difficult to perform my daily functions. Writing is so painful. Typing is not so bad as long as I keep my fingers straight. I have been wearing a wrist brace on both hands and I am getting strange looks from the folks at work.

The other thing I brought up was a hard lump that I found in my left breast. I still do breast exams and that's how I found it. I know there are changes going on in those things but when I say a hard lump on the left side of my left breast, I mean hard. The doc checked it out and said that it could be a cyst or my body preparing for babies so to be on the safe side, she told me to go for a breast ultrasound.

Which I went to Friday. Stuff like that worries me so the sooner I find out what it is, the better I feel. When I was disrobed the told me to lie on my right side with my arm above my head. As she was preparing the site for the ultrasound, she asked me if I had implants. Of course I don't. But she said my chest area looked so perfect that they looked fake! I don't know if that was some kind of compliment but that was the first time that ever happened. And I am sure it will be the last. It seems pregnancy makes boobs look spectacular at zero gravity and once the breast feeding is over, they will go back to deflated balloons. Maybe I should do a belly cast to preserve this historic event in my body's life.

As she was getting the ultrasound photos, I was getting more and more anxious. She didn't keep up dialog as to what she was looking at so I kept wondering if she found something. When the tech finished, she left the room to discuss the results with the radiologist. She was gone such a long time that I was sure it was something bad. She finally came back and said that I had nothing to worry about, the hard lump was just part of pregnancy. And she said to go home and tell my hubby about my Playboy boobs.


Vikki said...

OMG Thao!!!!

I am too happy for you, I really want to cry, Please feel free to call anytime if you need anything, or questions about the diabetis. This web site is awesome.

Thao said...

Thank you Vikki and thanks for the offer. i am very excited too!