Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boy oh boy!

11/12/08 - 19w7d

I guess I have kept folks in suspense long enough. We are having two boys! I would have been happy with any combination of gender. However, two boys is a good thing for me. I am not a girlie girl so I may have a hard time dealing with girly girls. I'd make them wear pants and climb trees or eat bugs just to toughen them up. And being the same gender is great. I don't have to worry different sets of clothing, they can share clothes.

When the ultrasound tech was looking for the telltale signs of gender, she found Baby A right off the bat. She wasn't so sure about Baby B. I had to roll on my side and she finally got the money shot.

18w5d - A_3

18w5d - B_4

I have no idea what these pics are but if that is the genital area, I am thinking those babies are well endowed.

I will have to start looking into names soon otherwise, if Indy has anything to say about it, they will be forever cursed with Thor and Loki for the rest of their lives.


Floriae said...

I kinda like Loki - except that crazy exboss of Donkey named their dog Loki :P

And be forewarned, boys come out of the womb with the biggest nuts you will ever see on a baby, but they either shrink or they grow into them, it's kinda funny.

crazedmama said...

Hi! just wanted to say congrats! i have four year old boy/girl twins! have fun!! lol.. good luck!

Thao said...

Floriae - Thanks for the ball sack warning. And I don't like Loki. He'll grow up with a conquer the world in a bad way complex.

Crazedmama - Thanks! And I know you have a handful with your twins.