Monday, November 17, 2008

Migraine and Breast Cancer

11/17/08 - 20w5d

Rod was telling me about a radio news story linking migraines and lower risk of breast cancer. Having suffered migraines since the early nineties, and wanting to find a positive side to these horrible headaches, I searched for more info. It appears that the culprit linking these two is fluctuating hormones. And as Rod can attest, I have plenty of that.

If I had known about this study, I may have stressed less when I was dealing with the breast lump. Even wishing for more headaches.

Since I have been pregnant, I have not had a true migraine. Some sinus and hungry headaches but no migraines. As soon as the babies come, I have a feeling my migraines will come back with full force.


Floriae said...

mine went away during pregnancy too - and they stayed away for nearly a year before I got one again. Hope you're as lucky.

Thao said...

I hope mine don't come back for awhle. It would be very nice not to have to deal with that kind of pain while taking care of two.