Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Present for the cats

12/10/08 - 23w7d

funny pictures of cats with captions

My cats use a Littermaid self cleaning litter box. When we moved into the house, there was really no place to put the litterbox so Rod fashioned a cat bathroom from the coat closet. He added a pet door and it has worked out very well. Except when Oscar the devil cat lies in wait for Tigger to come out from her potty session. That's never a pretty site.


That's the room when it has been cleaned. Since they were my cats, I always had litter box duty. Since becoming pregnant, Rod has adopted the cats and cleans the box. Now he doesn't clean it as often as he should and for that he gets a surprise. I think of that scene in Daddy Day Care where the kid misses the toilet. It's a cat crap-splosion if he waits too long in between cleanings.

The litter box has been on the fritz for the last week and Rod has been scooping the litter almost every night. I bought a new one at Walmart and it was going to be the cat's Christmas present. It was not to be. Rod ripped open the box so he could get it set up in a hurry. I guess it is as much Rod's present as it is the cat's. I think he finally sees the benefits of the automatic scooper outweighs the cost.