Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All that Jazz

1/20/09 - 29w6d

(What's with the food posts lately?) I discovered Jazz apples last year and it immediately became my favorite apple. Sorry Fuji apple, you are now second favorite apple. Even Rod says they are the best tasting apple and are now his favorite.

After finding them on a couple trips to Kroger early last year, I could no longer get them. I did some research and found they are available from November to April. I patiently waited for November to come around so I could buy them again. November and December came and went but no Jazz. I didn't think we would ever see them again.

Then, lo and behold, Rod got his hands on these apples at our last grocery shopping trip. I have never been so excited about apples in my entire life. They are a great size for snacks and uniform enough to do caramel apples if you wanted. Rod wants to try the Chilled out JAZZ™ Apple salsa. That will have to wait until our next trip because we ate all the ones we had bought.

Seriously, you have to try this apple. It is that good. But make it quick because you only have until April to get them.


Floriae said...

we love the fujis!

I'll see if we can find any jazz apples.