Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mommy groups

1/13/09 - 28w6d

I went to my first parents of multiples meeting last night. One of the reasons I joined was to network with other moms of multiples to get advice about pregnancy, child care and issues that come unique with having twins. This is also a step towards making friendships that I mentioned was one of my 2009 goals.

It has only been one meeting but whether you are having a singleton or multiples, I recommend joining some sort of mother's or parent's group in your area. I can see it as a great support group and resource to help with new parenting. The group meets once a month but there are so many events and activities for kids. There is also a great buy and sell event twice a year. I can get matchy, matchy stuff if I want and gear specifically for twins.

I have never been a social butterfly and definitely never thought I would join a mom's group but I met some really nice folks and even got a Walking Wings device. I think I may even join a Moxie Moms group once the kids are older. Not only are there tons of kid friendly social events but there is a discount card that can save you tons. I can totally get into this mom thing.


Graeme said...

don't know if you've been to it before, but www.twinstuff.com has a great forum for twin parents. I have twins myself and saw your address on another blog. It caught my attention. Good luck and I agree - other parents of multiples are a great resource!

deni from www.thesehappydays.com