Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby room

2/10/09 - 32w6d

The baby room is still not done and it won't get done until after the babies arrive, which is fine with me. I can be more productive after the babies are born. At least I will be able to move around and bend over and get on the floor. Besides, Rod is currently out of commission with some sort of ailment in his back and left arm. He has gone to the doctor who initially thought it was a pinched nerve but after an x-ray, she thinks it's arthritis. Rod is not so convinced of that and I even think it would be strange considering the quick onset of the pain. He has an MRI on Thursday so hopefully, we can find out what is really causing the pain.

The baby room is painted. Several weeks ago (when Rod and I were feeling more spry), we dug out the baby bedding stuff and decided on paint colors. We found some eco-paint at Sherwin Williams called Harmony. It is low odor and contains less volatile organic compounds (VOC) so what is emitted into the air is more environmentally friendly. We wanted to get Mythic Paint but it was more expensive per gallon.

(This picture is horrible but it's the best I could get.)
The yellow is called Optimistic Yellow and the green was color matched from an insert from a Classic Pooh curtain from Target.

paint colors

Rod, Rhonda and James P had a painting party some weekends ago and painted yellow on top and green on the bottom. Although the green paint didn't emit much of an odor, the yellow stunk up the room. There was no way I could have withstood painting in that room. So I made a fried chicken lunch run for the painters.

Rod put in a chair rail and it looks great. My friend Lisa came down from Dallas to help with the baby room and we attempted to put up the self-adhesive Pooh border. We got the border up on two of the walls and by morning, the border was on the floor. I bought 3 rolls of the Timeless Memories design about 5 years ago so and it was stored in the attic. I think that is not the best location to store wallpaper border because the adhesive is shot. This is what it looked like before the border fell off the walls.

baby room 004

baby room 005

I tried to find a different border that would use wallpaper paste but none work with the room colors. I found this same Pooh border on eBay, which I think has been discontinuted, and it is not cheap. I love this border so I will just have to spend the money. Hopefully the adhesive on the ones I buy will work better.

Thanks to Rhonda and James for helping Rod paint!


Rhonda said...

Look at the cute switch plate cover! Such lucky babies to have such a cute room.

Lilith Silvermane said...

HEY! You won my giveaway... come over and check it out!

I will need your e-mail address and mailing address :)

Congrats on the win.. and the less than 50 days until being a Mommy...

Crunchy Green Mom