Monday, February 9, 2009

Cord Blood Banking and feeling the strain

2/09/09 - 32w5d

After months of research and debating about this topic, I have decided not to bank the babies' cord blood. I can't afford it for one baby and the cost of privately banking two babies is crazy, even with a multiple baby discount. If anyone is interested in this, the following resources provide lots of information on cord blood banking.

Cord blood banking: An overview

Decision Guide: Should you bank your baby's cord blood?

Choosing a private cord blood bank

Parent's guide cord blood

I am now looking into donating the cord blood to a hospital but I am told it is so expensive to do that not many hospitals do it.

I have been feeling really bad this past week. I had an episode at work where I was stressed about a job and the babies reacted. My stomach cramped up so much that I could not stand or walk. I was out on the production floor and tried to make my way to my desk to sit down and I was in so much pain that I started crying. All my coworkers started rushing to me trying to help me sit down. I thought I was going into labor and was so scared I was shaking.

I was so embarrassed having all these people around me seeing me doubled over and crying, I had to tell people to leave me alone and go away. My boss offered to take me home but told him I was fine. He has been very understanding and all around great about the pregnancy that I didn't want to seem like I was taking advantage. I asked my boss if I could work a couple days a week at home and he suggested working from home Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll take it.

This whole weekend, I have been having increased contractions. Maybe they are still Braxton Hicks but they feel quite different and my "discomfort" is increasing. It doesn't help that Rod has been incapacitated with a pinched nerve in his back and has not been able to help me get around. I can no longer squat or sit on the ground, I can't get up by myself. Walking is exhausting and I am always out of breath. I don't want to say this last week has been painful but it has and I am ready for this to be over. It's kick in the crotch pain. Does that make me a bad mother? It makes me selfish but I am so stressed and emotional that I know it can't me good for the babies. My OB appointment is in the morning so we shall see what she says.


Rhonda said...

Let me know how I can help you. Maybe working from home will help your stress level. Hang in there. I am praying for you.