Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1 month

3/17/09 - 4 weeks

Dean and Sam are 1 month old! I can't believe it. Was it just yesterday that I went into labor? Dean is currently at 6 lbs 5 oz and he is filling out fast. Every day his cheeks seem to get bigger and bigger. He's either eating way too much or storing food in his cheeks for winter. He has moved into Newborn size diapers and can no longer fit preemie clothes. He is definitely the fussier baby. He cries during diaper changes, baths, swaddling and feedings.

Sam has broken the 5 pound barrier but still feels tiny when I hold him. The pediatrician I took him to is different than the one Dean went to. It is in the same practice but the first doc was on vacation so that is why we saw the 2nd doc. He was so thorough and informative. I think I will switch both kids to that pediatrician.

Mom came to visit and stay and help for a couple of weeks. It is nice because I haven't spent longer than a few hours with her in I don't know how many years. Mom has been helpful but I still try to do the majority of the caring for the boys. Mom won't be living with us forever so I have to make sure I can still care for the kiddos.

Sunday, I noticed Sam having labored breathing and some chest congestion. This is the first signs of an illness and let me tell you it breaks a new mama's heart to hear her child having a hard time breathing. I called the nurse and she said to get some saline for his nose to break up the dried mucus. She also said to watch for flared nostrils, labored breathing at more than 50 breaths a minute and high pitched wheezing which are signs of upper respiratory distress.

Rod went to the store and we did the saline and nose suctioning. Still, Sam was having a hard time of it. Dean was also showing signs of wheeziness but not to the extent Sam was. Mom and I took them both to the doctor who said cases of Bronchiolitis was going around. They are preemie babies so their immune system is not strong enough to deal with such infections or illnesses. It also worries me because it says cigarette smoke increases the likelihood that an infant will develop bronchiolitis and asthma. And there are family members who smoke. So take this as an incentive to quit.

There is nothing that can be given to them. It's a wait and see if they get it full blown. It can last up to 2 weeks. I don't know if I can handle hearing them in such distress for that long.


sarah said...

I'm sorry Sam isn't feeling well. It sucks when they're so little and you can't do much for them. Daniel has the croup right now and it sounds horrible...so I feel for you. Hope it gets better soon.

NateAndJakesMom said...

How scary! I can so see you sitting there counting breaths though... 1, 2, 3, :)

I know they are preemies and that this is more serious then if one of my little men came down with a cold but soon, when they are "all caught up" you will look at a runny nose and simply think, "AH man!" You'll set up your mini-pharmacy station of tylenol, saline and vapo-rub and get ready to ride it out!

Sending you lots of get better soon thoughts for your little men....

Melinda said...

I'm loving your blog title LOL. congrats on the babies, cherish these moments, they aren't going to be little forever {HUGS}