Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 weeks

3/10/09 - 3 weeks

Last Thursday was a busy day in the life of Dean. In preparation for being discharged, he got his Hepatitis B shot and a Synagis shot for RSV. He passed his car seat challenge and weighed in at 5lbs 1oz. Just big enough to fit in the infant car seat. Good thing I went to the sheriff's office to get the seats inspected for correct installation. The head support that came with the seat is crash tested with the seat but because of his preemie size, I was told to use rolled up receiving blankets to wedge his little head in tighter and not to buy the head support things. He looked so small when I placed him in the seat, it just swallowed him up. I thought the ride home would keep him up because he was always active in the belly when I was driving. As soon as I started driving, he was out like a light. And when I got him home, I couldn't put him down. I couldn't kiss him enough or hug him enough or love on him enough. I don't know that it has sunk in even now that he is our baby. Or that I could feel so much love. My cup runneth over and I still cry with happiness when I look at my boys.

Dean went to his first pediatrician visit Friday. I was so mad at myself and the doctor because we were there 2 hours before we saw the doc. Dean had not eaten and I did not bring a bottle for him. I tried to breastfeed him but he was too fussy and not having any of it. When the doc finally saw Dean, he was inconsolable. She had me try to breastfeed him so she could find out what was going on. She said he has a great suck and can latch but just doesn't want to work for the milk. That's my lazy boy. She said it will just "click" one day for him. Dean has over 18 inches an is at 5lbs 3 oz.

Samuel is getting ready to come home!!!! He passed his car seat challenge and got his Hep B shot and his Synagis. He has been eating incredibly well and has gained quite a bit of weight. Not enough to put meat on his bones but good enough to show consistent gain. He is currently 4lbs 4 oz. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me but also scared as heck. It has been hard having to split time at home and still bringing milk to the hospital. It has been a little bit of a blessing having one baby home to get used to caring for a baby.

Rod and I are running on very little sleep. Between feeding Dean and pumping milk, if I get an hour or two of shut eye, I am happy. I wish I could have bottled whatever adrenaline I was high on after I got home from the hospital because I could use it now.


NateAndJakesMom said...

I know that it seems like you will NEVER get sleep again - I promise you, you will, eventually.
I am so thrilled for you all. I remember bringing home my babies for the first time and feeling like, "now what?" It will all fall into place and then you will see that you can't even imagine what your home or life was like without them in it.

Christina said...

I thought you'd have a pic of him wedged into the car seat...