Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 weeks

3/31/09 - 6 weeks

I went to the dermatologist last Thursday and I have been on a mess of meds. She saw my cold sore and was really adament that I take herpes medicine to suppress future outbreaks. I usually get a cold sore once every two years when I get sick or when my immune system has been weakened. I know not to touch anyone until it is completely gone. As soon as I saw that it was coming in, I immediatley stopped kissing on the boys.

The nurse assisting the dermatologist proceeded to tell me about the baby that died from herpes after his mother kissed him. I am diligent about washing my hands and careful not to touch them with my mouth but this has me freaked out. I have been watching for any signs that something may be wrong. I bought a 30 day supply of Valtrex per the doc and she wants me on it for 3 months. I don't know how anyone can afford that med because even with my good insurance, I paid over $100 for that bottle. I think that bottle is it for me unless she gives me a generic.

As for my rash, they determined it is PUPPP. The rash continues to spread over my body, moving down my arms and legs. The angry red of the rash just doesn't come through in the photo. By the time I saw the doc, I was crying because it itched so bad and I was worried it would cover my entire body and I would not be able to care for the boys. She put me on an intense regimen of Medrol and prescribed me a one pound tub of steroid cream for the redness and itchiness. The doctor said that I could not breastfeed while on this medication but to call my pediatrician about Valtrex.

With all the meds, I was concerned about the affects on breastmilk so I called the milkbank to confirm. They said Valtrex is safe. Medrol is also safe as long as it does not exceed 80 mg a day. I erred on the side of caution and decided to pump and dump. I do not want any steroids affecting the growth of the boys.

The boys are changing everyday. The biggest change is they are filling out, getting bulkier in the arms and legs. Their cheeks are getting chubby. Dean is fast becoming a chunky monkey.Their tear ducts are starting to produce tears. (which is tugging even more on my heartstrings when they cry). Their eyelashes are getting longer. They are some good looking babies.

I tried taking some photos for an announcement but they were not cooperating.

baby 062

baby 063

baby 064


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Those look really good. and wow that other one is a lot bigger.

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letti said...

there is a milk bank? why didn't anyone ever tell me this>?