Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Things Done With Baby

3/25/09 - 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old

It has been a rough few weeks for me. The boys are still congested but the cool mist humidifier seems to help. We keep it running all day. You would think we would have the softest, most moisturized skin but that hasn't happened.

We are becoming pros at the S&S move to clear their nasal passages. The saline and suction to get the boogies out is a workout in itself. When an infant has a dried boogie, it takes alot of tries with that blue bulb to extricate the offending blockage. And babies don't like it. At all. Don't waste money on any other kind of bulb, they all stink compared to the one you get from the hospital.

The boy's pediatrician informed me of supplemental newborn screening provided by Baylor. It is not covered by insurance but the cost is $35 per test. My mom and I took the babies to get blood drawn Monday. Even though their standard newborn screen came back with no issues, this is such a minimal charge that I decided to do it for my peace of mind.

I have been dealing with a horrible, itchy, red, splotchy rash. It started on my stomach above my incision. Rod, MD said it itching and red because it was healing. It started spreading to my chest, legs and arms. I did some research online and thought it was either a bacterial or fungal (yeast) infection. I did not know yeast infections were anywhere other than in your 'special purpose." I saw my GP and OB and they each prescribed different topical steroid creams that were ok to use while breastfeeding. I still have not pushed the actual breast feeding on the boys because of the rash, I certainly don't want to spread it to their delicate. I even use gloves when handling the boy's diaper changes and there is no skin to skin contact. I don't know how contagious this rash is. I worry that the breast milk may even be no good and may have to pump and dump.

I interviewed a lady for a nanny position and she said it might be PUPPP. It is exactly what I have been suffering from. It is a rash that can appear around the 35th week of pregnancy, can last up to 6 weeks and resolve 1-2 weeks after delivery. It is common among women with twins and first pregnancies. It says male fetal DNA may be a skin irritant since 70% of women with PUPPP give birth to boys. Well I delivered at 34 weeks with double the male DNA and I have had this rash for 2 weeks. Apparently I am that rare case where it erupts after delivery. I am glad that it poses no risk to mom and baby but my skin is constantly on fire and I cannot scratch. Oh how I want to scratch. And scratch. And scratch. I will be seeing a dermatologist Thursday so hopefully I can start getting some relief.

I am not sleeping as much as I should. Between all the doctors visits, the dealing with the rash, fining childcare and all the things that need to get done in the house, I just cannot sleep. I found this How to Get Things Done When You Have a Baby: The Practical Parent’s Guide. My mom has been a big help with the babies. She is trying to break me of the habit of holding them so much so they don't "expect" it every time they cry. Tough love isn't called tough for nuthin.

Updated pics: March 09


letti said...

david has a doctor's appt at baylor sometime in late april, so we may have to think about doing the newborn screening as well, if we don't have one in abilene. We're paranoid parents-to-be, *sigh*. Oh, and thank you so much for the how to get things done link. That will be totally invaluable for sure. I won't have my mom here, and david's mom has passed, so ... I'm gonna need all the help i can get :) It's good to hear the twins are doing excellent :) Rest well, momma.

Christina said...

are you goin to get a nanny cam