Monday, April 20, 2009

2 months


To my boys at 2 months

I don't think you two will ever know how much you are loved. Don't worry, you will hear me express my love and see me express my love. But no words can express how happy I am that you both exist. I longed for you and prayed for you guys and now you are here turning my life upside down.

Even when you both are screaming at the top of your lungs from "starvation," I can’t help but smile because you are both so adorable.

To Dean: You have gotten so big, I think your head rivals your daddy’s big noggin. You even have the same hairstyle, the bald man ‘do. You have a voracious appetite and just when we think 4 oz will top you off, you are crying for more. The pediatrician says you are just rooting and need oral stimulation. I guess we need to watch how much you eat because you are already 10 lbs. Your daddy worries that you don’t poop enough so you get some Karo syrup in your bottle. You pay us back with a poopslosion of epic proportions in your diaper. I even had to cut you out of your onesie like you were being freed with the jaws of life. There was no way that onesie could have been saved, it was covered in poo. No more Karo for you. You like making grouchy faces and posing for the camera. People say you look like me so I guess the grouchy faces are expected.

To Sam: You have changed the most. A long way from your tiny little body at 3 lbs 3 oz at birth to almost 8 lbs, you are growing into your nose and lips and ears. You still have a ways to grow into your head and your daddy thinks you will be brainy and bookish because you have a fivehead. Forehead just doesn't describe it. You have a hard time with formula because you have the most heinous bowel movements known to mankind when you get a lot of formula. People say you favor your dad so that really explains your gastrointestinal constitution.

You both hate waking up hungry, bath time, explosive poops (especially while you eat) and changings. You guys can be in the most peaceful slumber and then all of a sudden go into a hysterical crying fit. Upon investigation, I hear (and smell) you blowing it out your butt.

You both are able to focus better on our faces and starting to coo. Your necks are getting stronger where you can lift up your big heads and turn from side to side while you are on your tummy. You still hate to be swaddled and squirm and fuss until your arms are free.

Your daddy and I love you bunches and hope you continue to grow strong and healthy.

More photos here.



sarah said...

They sure are getting big! And so cute! I love baby pics. :o) What are those little hand cushion things? They look comfy.