Friday, April 17, 2009


My babies do not like immunizations. They got their two month shots today. We got home and they were fed and put down for a nap. Then about 2 hours later, both babies woke up at the same time, in hysterics. Hysterics.

They could not be consoled. I have never heard such high pitched, non-stop screaming from them. I changed their diaper. I gave them their binky. I held one baby then the other. I gave them a bottle. At one point, I even held both of them at the same time. Nothing worked.

I checked their temp and Samuel was almost 100 degrees. I gave them .04ml of children's Tylenol per the doc and finally got Dean and Sam to take their bottle.

Dean seems to have calmed a bit but Sam still wakes up in a fit. I hope this passes soon because I am exhausted. At least it will be 2 months before the next round.