Thursday, April 9, 2009

7 weeks

4/9/09 - 7 weeks

Just when I think things are calming down, they seem to get more hectic.

Both boys are circumcised. The penis has to be cleaned because it can accumulate smegma. This involves water (preferably warm), q-tips and a screaming baby who does not like the skin of his special purpose to be pulled back.

During a routine cleaning, I noticed Dean's penis did not look like Sam's. When I pulled back the skin, it looked like the skin was reattaching. When I called the nursed, she said that you have to pull the skin back enough to expose the ridge in order to clean thoroughly. Otherwise, if the skin did reattach,it is painful for baby when the pediatrician pulls it back and in extreme circumstances, a re-circumcision needs to be performed.

Having put the fear of a recirc in my head, I took Dean to see the doc for a look see. There was also an issue with a belly button that sticks out more than an outty should. The doc examined Dean and said there was nothing wrong with his circumcision and that the reason the penis retracts is because Dean has a fat pocket. As he gets older, he will outgrow it.

When they weighed Dean, I was so surprised when they said he is 8lbs 6oz. He is getting hefty but the fact that he has almost doubled his birth weight is awesome. The newborn onesies and diapers are getting tighter. Pretty soon he will be in size 1 diapers and 3mth onesies. I know this is not a big deal but for preemies, it is. I wish I could say it was mama's milk doing this but it is all formula and his hearty appetite.

I had to take Samuel to the doctor Tuesday because I noticed his right eye starting to swell and his face getting red bumps and splotchy patches while I was feeding him. My fear was Sam was having an allergic reaction. Considering I have bad allergies and have had anaphylaxis and edema, I was scared Sam had inherited that from me. I rushed him to the pediatrician and apparently, they did not think it was urgent because it took forever for the doc to see him. They checked his O2 levels and he was at 100%. The doc could not find anything wrong and there was no apparent explanation for Sam's reaction. The doc wanted to do a test feeding but the formula is the same one he has been eating. The Polyvisol the same vitamin. I tried to remember if there was anything new introduced to Sam's food or environment and there was nothing that I could think of or remember.

I gave Sam some children's Benadryl and the swelling went down after a couple of hours. The redness also got better but it has been two days since that happened and several red pimple like bumps have popped up on Sam's face. I just want to know what is causing it so that I can remove it from the house.