Monday, April 6, 2009

Go with the flow of Stream Energy


This is a guest post from my youngest sister, Christina. She recently started marketing for Stream Energy and asked me to help her get the word out. I know how hard it is to start a new venture. One of my very first sales jobs was selling Kirby vacuums. I wish I had a network of people back then that could have helped me out and maybe I would have lasted longer than a week.

I had been wanting to switch to a cheaper electricity company because I knew we were paying way too much. When I saw the rate sheet with the price per kw comparisons, I knew we had to switch. I sent it out to friends to see if anyone else was interested. I had never heard of Stream so I was surprised when two people responded that they had used or are currently using Stream and love it. The feedback was Stream has great customer service and of course the low rates.

So please take a minute to read her post and take some time to review her site. You will be doing me a huge favor but ultimately, you will be saving some money. And in times like these, we all need that.

Oh, and if that doesn't appeal to you, then maybe these photos will.



Now on to Christina's post...

Summertime is a great time to save on your electricity bill. If you currently are under contract, you may want to see when that ends and compare rates. Most people just pay every month and some don't even realize what rates they have or if they are still even under contract.

Here you can compare the most recently updated prices of various Electricity companies in the Texas area.

Fixed Rate Comparison

I had green mountain and I was paying much more than a lot of other people on green mountain. Most people do not realize that its easy to switch, that there is no risk or interruption of service and takes less than 5 minutes. I find that its a lot easier to switch if you don't have a current contract. If you are considering starting new service there are intro rates as well.

I am marketing for Stream energy rather than using the conventional ads and billboards and commercials, we rely on direct marketing or word of mouth sales.

Not only would you be helping me get a start in my business you'll also be saving money each month.

I know the skepticism involved with MLM based businesses, but I have spent a lot of time talking to a lot of people and attending presentations and feel confident in this company. If you would like more information let me know or go to my website. There are also some news clips and videos to learn more about the business.

Below is my website where you can find information on current energy rates for Texas and Georgia. We are going to enter into new markets in the coming years. If this is an opportunity that you'd like to look further into, then definitely contact me and I'll fill you in!!





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I think you should embrace your cartoon bubble thought skills and do more

Oh and thanks for the plug!

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