Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 month progress

I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend. We had friends and family over for some food and games. I ate so much food I had to pump extra hours just to burn off the calories from all the junk I ate: 3 bowls of trifle, 6 cookies and , 2 brownies. Let's just say I am still sore.

Dean and Samuel got lots of loving from their cousins. Dean wore blue and white stripes and Sam wore red and white strips in honor of the holiday. I found the onesies at Walmart and I hope they still fit for the 4th of July. The boys did their job of being cute and adorable and handled being kept up relatively well.

Since I have been back to work, I have had little time for blogging. I am late in reporting their 3 month progress and I have yet to take pictures of them with Pooh to show their growth from month to month. They had their three month well check and the pediatrician says they are looking good. Dean is 12 lbs 6 oz and Sam is 10 lbs 3 oz. Both of them have some sort of hernia that makes their belly button stick out. We have to check it at each diaper change to make sure it is not hard. We push it in and it pops back out.

There are 2 bumps at the back of Sam's head that move when we push on it. Doc says they are glands and it means his immune system is functioning properly. His strawberry birth mark is still puffy as ever on his leg and I am told they usually go away by the time he reaches 9 years. Sam's reflux is still really bad and the doc suggested Enfamil AR (contains rice starch) to help with spit up and reflux before prescribing medicine. We keep them upright or at a 30 degree angle after feedings but they still have reflux and they both spit up more on this AR stuff.

Sam's hair is starting to come in and his puggy nose seems to be getting less puggy. Maybe I am crazy but I think Sam has short, stumpy arms. They look disproportionate to his body. I think this is why Sam has not mastered the self soothe with his hands. It's a lot of work getting his arm to reach so that he can get his hand in his mouth. That is on my list of things to discuss at their next well visit.

Dean sleeps very well after feedings. He can be down for hours if he has a full tummy. The problem is, he never seems to get full. He is still fussing after his 3.5 ounces so I usually nurse him a little more until he falls asleep. The doc says to let him root and not to give him more than 28 oz in a 24 hour period otherwise he will be at risk of being obese. Dean loves the swing which rocks him to sleep.

They are not huge babies. Dean's size is in the 10th percentile and Sam is 5th percentile for their age. Even though they were premature, the doc did not do any age adjustment.

I am amazed by them everyday. They recognize their mommy and daddy and can track movement. They can be entertained by flashing lights and music for long stretches. I am always talking to them and love when they "talk" back. I am sure that will change when they actually use words.

I added some more pics. I hope to get the Pooh pics this weekend.