Monday, May 18, 2009

Working 9-5

I went back to work last week and have been super busy. I certainly did not miss the traffic or the money spent on gas and tolls but I did miss work. Just a little. I love my job and like the people I work with. Everyone said they were glad I was back and that I was missed. That is always nice to hear. I am just glad I have a job to go back to in this economy. Middle management is the first to go. Thankfully, we are busy. We have some projects that are being bid on and we need to win them. That will keep me (hopefully) in a job for awhile.

My mom is watching the boys and has been a big help while Rod and I go about bringing home the bacon. She takes Dean at night and takes care of him so that leaves Sam for us to handle. At first we were going to split the duties but I decided Rod could feed while I pumped, that would shave off 3-45 minutes off the time I was up. Thirty more minutes of sleep is pretty great.

As far as personalities, Sam is definitely high maintenance. He demands constant attention and likes to be held. He fusses a lot still and his reflux makes him so cranky. He can no longer wear newborn clothes and has been out of NB diapers for over a week. Sam's hair has rubbed off in a weird pattern. He has a strip that goes from one ear to the other that is missing hair. Then he has some on the top. His chinky eyes are opening up. He always looked so squinty.

Dean is more laid back. He is not as fussy as Sam. He screams when he is hungry and fusses when he is gassy or very tired. He can sit in the swing and fall asleep for hours. He loves the Baby Einstein play mat and can last for almost half an hour before he gets bored.

Both boys can sit up and are holding their heads up. I try to nurse at least once a day but I still pump so that I can distribute the milk to them equally. I am not able to produce enough for both of them so we supplement with formula. They can track human movements with their eyes very well. If we check on them and they are away, they will see us so we have to be careful if we do not want them to get up. They don't projectile vomit like they used to. In fact, it is stealth spit-up. Before, we had some sort of warning in the form of a gurgle or cough. Now the spit up just rolls out of their mouth like lava. Slow and steady.

The rough part about going back to work has been the leaving the house and dealing with the commute. The traffic is horrendous. I miss the boys terribly but I have a digital photo holder that slideshows their pictures. It helps keep them with me even though they aren't with me.