Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Take this job and ...

My husband called me last week and told me he was let go from his job. It's a bad time right now for a lot of people. Hopefully, with unemployment rates in Houston better than most places, hubby can find a job fast.

I won't divulge the details of what happened but I will say that people who are immature, stupid and emotionally volatile should not be the boss of people. If you get pissed at someone who isn't doing their job and you take it out on someone who is, by publicly berating him and humiliating him in front of his coworkers, you are the biggest asshat on the face of the planet. Have fun driving that bus to hell you wanker.

Sorry for the vulgar language but I am so pissed about what happened. And yes, I still kiss my babies with my potty mouth but I use a baby wipe first.

When a spouse gets laid off, you really find out there is a big difference between men and women. I have been laid off 3 times. Whenever I have lost a job, I immediately get on the ball to find a new one. Do I have time to mourn and boo-hoo? I know that sometimes it is business and not personal and I can still be mad about it but I have bills to pay. I don't have the luxury of time to cry about something that I can't control.

The day after the layoff, I asked hubby if he was going to start updating his resume. He tells me he was going to talk to his old boss to see if he could get his job back. WTH? Why? The job payed crap and the boss was a jerk. Move forward and find a better job.

When the begging proved unsuccessful, I asked hubby if he was going to go home and get the process going on filing for unemployment. His response? "I will do it Monday because my head is still messed up and I need the weekend to recover." Are you kidding me? You are not living a bachelor life anymore. You have a family to support and two kids to worry about. Get it together.

I don't care if I am coming across a cold hearted bitty but don't cater to mamby pambys. He wasn't trying to get his head together, he had a game day with the boys on Saturday and didn't want to strain his brain thinking about unemployment. So what does he do all weekend? Play his RPG on Saturday and on Sunday, played Wii with his friend. This is why I am so irritated. He plays all weekend when there is so much stuff to do around the house. I did the grocery shopping, the laundry, and other household chores in addition to taking care of the boys while he fiddle farted. I finally was on the verge of blowing up and told him he had enough time recovering and needed to help me.

He finally finished his resume today and I sent it to a recruiter. I am hoping she can find something fast. I am already feeling the strain of being the sole breadwinner.


letti said...

i hear ya, girl. David gets that way too.. "fiddle farting" as you call it. His excuse ? "Ugh, it hurts my brain to think about it right now" ( and for several days or weeks after that ). I hope the recruiter finds something fast too. *hugs*