Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Einstein

I love Baby Einstein. I bought 20 of the DVDs on eBay and the boys are fascinated with the images. I love the music. I don't know that it is all that educational right now but I feel better when the boys are watching that rather than Xena Warrior Princess or whatever their daddy has on the TV while he is "watching" the boys.

We were watching Baby Galileo the other day and all the planets were popping up on the TV screen. Rod was holding Dean and tells him this joke.

Q: How is toilet paper like the star ship USS Enterprise?

A: It travels around Uranus and wipes out Klingons.

I cringe at the thought of what Rod has in store to teach the boys. They will probably be playing Dungeons & Dragons in their pack-n-play before too long. Sigh...


letti said...

Jaxon gets intrigued with Baby Einstein as well! :) And.. boys will be boys :)

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!